Examples of C# Code Controlling FMOD

I have built a C# program that can be used to do live DJ creation of music like Sonar Matrix, Giada, Acid Loops, etc. I would like to use FMOD as my underlying sound engine. Is there any good examples out there showing how to program C# directly to the FMOD C# interface? I would like to be able to access from the Studio as well as the low level.
Including how to set up Visual Studio, etc? I can find some examples, but, they all seem to be tied into running using Unity or UE4 and I would first like to just get it working from native C#. Thanks!

No programmers looking at the forum?

At the moment there aren’t any examples, outside of Unity, for using FMOD in C#.
Although, the C# wrapper has been designed to work the same way as the C++ API’s.

Setup in Visual Studio should just be a matter of adding the libs and .cs files to the project.

The Unity integration can give you a good idea of how to set up and access FMOD.
You can always access the LowLevel API through a Studio System, using Studio::System::getLowLevelSystem, as it is built on top of the LowLevel and is not independent.

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I have successfully written a stand alone C# program using the Low Level API. Do you want me to send the code to you as an example you could add to your website? Or do you think I am the only one interested in developing stand alone code outside of Unity and Unreal. I am trying to develop somethings to convince Linden Labs Sansar to expose more functionality through their API (i.e. a proof of concept).

Glad to hear you got your program working.

We do have plans for making our current C++ examples available in C#, but at the moment we don’t have a set timeframe for when this will be available . Thank you for the offer.

Can you offer your examples for me ? thank you very much!

The only examples we have at the moment are the Unity examples:

This is a proof of concept C# implementation for VL (visualprogramming.net)