FMOD not using macOS selected system output audio channel when changed

I have this problem both in builds of our Unity game, and in FMOD Studio itself.

When I start the game, Unity editor or a build of our game, it will send audio to the currently selected output.

Output selected using this system menu:

However, if I change the output it will continue to use the old channel. Typical example is that I plug my headphones in, and system automatically changes to the “external headphones” channel, but audio continues to play through macbook speakers. All other software correctly updates to playing through the headphone jack.

If I want the audio to play through the newly selected channel I must restart FMOD Studio, Unity or the game build.

Currently using FMOD Studio 2.01.01, but I am pretty sure I’ve had this issue on each version we’ve used.

macOS version 10.15.6 (but similarly have seen this on older versions of the OS)

Old related issue

Hi Rhys,

This is fixed in 2.01.03 - upgrading should solve your issue.