FMod 1.05.02 Matrix Callback issues.

I am having trouble setting up callbacks with the latest release of FMod API 1.05.02.
In my class I have:

        FMOD_PAN_SUM_MONO_MATRIX sumMonoMatrix;

then in my class create method, I have:

sumMonoMatrix = dsp_state->callbacks->pancallbacks->summonomatrix;

And this should work since summonomatrix is defined as part of FMOD_DSP_STATE_PAN_CALLBACKS.

But when I add the plugin to FMod Studio 1.05.02 (build 58826)… It crashes every time I add it to a processing chain - specifically that the line above.

What’s going on?

This will be fixed in 1.05.03 which will be release in the next day or two.

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