FMOD Cache clogging up Unity Project search

We’re using FMOD Unity plugin version 2.0.22, and Unity 2020.3.48f1, so forgive me if any of this issue has been addressed already
The files generated by the FMOD cache slows the UI down considerably when searching, and also crowds the search view when trying to search for assets in my game. If I have a scene with a certain name, and the FMOD cache generated object has the same name, searching for the scene name gives me this kind of result:

Not only is the scene file buried, but it takes the editor on average 10+ seconds to refresh upon any change while it attempts to display these. Unity’s UI refreshes poorly, but it also is terrible that these cache filenames arent scrambled in some way even though they arent useful for me to navigate through.

Is there some way to move the cache folder outside of my project? I don’t think Unity has a built-in way to exclude from search. I can add a t:Scene tag to my search, but this is a huge time suck to do every time I want to look up an asset in my project, as this conflict happens with prefabs and many other types of object as well.

This issue was fixed in versions 2.01.13 and 2.02.04, if you are able to upgrade to one of those versions (or newer) you will get the fix. Otherwise deleting the cache should cause it to be recreated and without duplicates.