FMOD Changes not being kept.

I’m working on a Unity project with a few other people and we’re using the cloud and collaboration feature to make changes to the project. When I connect FMOD and make changes, I can hear the sound, but my group can’t when I build to the cloud. They get the error, BankLoadException: FMOD Could Not Load Bank and Error_File_NOTFOUND. What should I do?

Hello Byron,

Can I just confirm: are you saving and building the FMOD Studio banks after making the changes when connected via Live Update?

You also need to ensure that the FMOD Unity integration settings are using the Single or Multiple Platform Build instead of “Project”, pointed to the build banks (best to place these inside the project folder), otherwise team members without the actual FMOD Studio project won’t be able to load the banks.


I am saving the changes made. How do I send the contents of the banks over live update?

Hi Byron,

If you build the banks the FMOD Unity integration should pick them up rather than using the hotswapped Live Updates.

As mentioned, you will also need to set the FMOD Unity intergration to read from banks rather than from the project. You will also need to provide these banks to your team.