Unity Unable to load FMOD banks; ERR_FILE_BAD

Hey, everyone!

I’m working on a project where another sound designer and I are both using the same FMOD project, updated between us with source control.

Recently, the other designer changed our bank structure from us using only the master bank (not a great idea) to various banks for different biomes and categories in our game.

Now, unfortunately, we get an error with those new banks when we try to load them in Unity (screenshot attached)

Any ideas what might be going on here? Help super appreciated!

It’s hard to say as the error is just for a generic error with the bank file. Are you both able to build the banks without errors? Does it work with the newly built banks?

Apologies that I completely spaced on this thread! We are now able to build banks without errors, and the error in Unity has mysteriously disappeared. Unsatisfying, but at least it’s working!