[FMOD] Event not found: Clear Every Frame in Edit Mode . after switching macbooks

Hi, I’ve recently switched to a new macbook and everything in my Unity project works fine, however I’m getting this warning in the console. The sounds play as intended but it’s pretty annoying because the warning keeps repeating itself.

[FMOD] Event not found: Clear Every Frame in Edit Mode|

Anyone know how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,


Can’t say I’ve seen that error before. Could you please try turning off Clear Every Frame in Edit Mode. Right click on the Game View tab and deselect it.


If this clears the issue, try turning it back on and see if you are still getting the same error.

If you double click on this error in the console, does it take you to where this error is being called from in Visual Studio?

Hi Richard,

Turning the Clear Every Frame off and on doesn’t help.

the console shows this:

[FMOD] Event not found:
FMODUnity.RuntimeManager:PlayOneShot(String, Vector3) (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/Runtime/RuntimeManager.cs:955)
ROTMK_Scripts.Controllers.EnemyCombat:PlaySound() (at Assets/Scripts/ROTMK Scripts/Enemy/EnemyCombat.cs:61)

The last script that is mentioned is an enemy script that triggers oneshots when an enemy attacks.

Also tried it in a different scene in unity where the error also occurs when playing oneshots.

Hmm, that is odd. It is possible the “Clear Every Frame” message can be ignored, so let’s focus on the event not found error.

Can you confirm that the event paths are correct and matching what’s in your project? Could you please try copying the path from the FMOD Studio project (right click on the event and select “Copy path”) and paste it into the script again. It’s possible that transferring to your new MacBook has altered the script’s encoding in such a way it causes a very slight string difference.

Failing that, please try using the [FMODUnity.EventRef] function to select the event in the EnemyCombat.cs script and see if the event plays sound there.

Hi Richard,

What do you mean exactly with copying the path of the project into the script? Not quite sure I understand exactly how to do that.

All audio works as intended, it’s just the error that keeps flooding my console. It’s a yellow warning btw not a real error.

Hmm, the “event not found” error could be a script trying to access a parameter or something similar. Are you able to post the script that is making this call?

What I meant was you can right click on an event in the FMOD Studio project and copy the path from there. It was a possibility that the encoding went awry during the move to the new Macbook, but sounds unlikely now.