Event not found when moving from Unity 5.6.3 to Unity 2017.4.15


Since last update of MacOs only allows users to run 64bit apps I have been forced to update the Unity version of my game from 5.6.3f1 with FMOD 1.10.10 to Unity 2017.4.15f1.

All the events works fine but all the events/sound (I don’t know the accurate name for this) inside the programming sounds/audiotable aren’t played, instead when trying to play I get “EventNotFoundException: [FMOD] Event not found ‘ENGAccessibility/Strings/Menu_Title’”.

This fact sounds weird to me because when I open the menu I only have the localization id “Menu_Title” and I ask all the possible combinations of prefix to the audiotable until it says the full path (prefix+localizationId) exists in the audiotable. So if the event doesn’t exists it shouldn’t say me "the full path “ENGAccessibility/Strings/Menu_Title” actually exists.

Do I misunderstood something? Is there any additional step I should do when moving between versions?

Other options I tried without luck:

  • Remove files from my build path.
  • Remove files from my streaming assets folder.
  • Update to latest minor version 1.10.18

Any help will be appreciated.