Fmod event & Unity 5

We tried to port our game on the unity 5.0 beta. This works well except for the fmod part.
Fmod initializes itself without any problems but calls to getEvent crash the game (only on builds, not in editor)

========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ==================

000007FEF02E1F00 (fmod_event64) FMOD::MusicSystemI::getParameters
000007FEF02E25F7 (fmod_event64) FMOD::MusicSystemI::getParameters
000007FEF02E2CE8 (fmod_event64) FMOD::MusicSystemI::getParameters
000007FEF02BFB97 (fmod_event64) FMOD::EventI::start
000007FEF02B4080 (fmod_event64) FMOD::EventGroupI::freeEventData
000007FEF02B49A9 (fmod_event64) FMOD::EventGroupI::getGroupByIndex
000007FEF02CDBEF (fmod_event64) FMOD::EventProjectI::getEvent
000007FEF02D52A3 (fmod_event64) FMOD::EventQueueEntryI::getInfoOnlyEvent
000007FEF02D2B8D (fmod_event64) FMOD::EventSystem::getEvent
00000000174D9134 (Mono JIT Code) (wrapper managed-to-native) FMOD.EventSystem:FMOD_EventSystem_GetEvent (intptr,string,FMOD.EVENT_MODE,intptr&)
00000000174D8F68 (Mono JIT Code) FMOD.EventSystem:getEvent (string,FMOD.EVENT_MODE,FMOD.Event&)
00000000174D8E2F (Mono JIT Code) Amplitude.Unity.Audio.AudioManager:Get2DEvent (Amplitude.StaticString,FMOD.EVENT_MODE)

Also, call to fmodEventSystem.update function fails with the following error :
ERR_INTERNAL - An error occured that wasn’t supposed to. Contact support.

What is this internal error ? did you have any incompatibility feedbacks of unity 5 and fmod ?


FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL could have a lot of reasons, a debug log can help there. Your callstack for the crash doesn’t help much because you don’t have the PDB files. If you send a crash minidump we can get more information from that.

If you want a supported interface between unity and FMOD i’d recommend using FMOD Studio and the downloadable unity integration.