FMod Integration - Compiler Errors

Hi there,

I’m having a problem with using / compiling Csharp scripts, when running the Rollaball demo (and following Tutorials on FMOD TV). FMOD types are not being automatically recognised in Mono-Develop and then some lines will not compile and give the error “The type or namespace ‘FMOD’ could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?”.

It is a new install of Unity (5.4.0f3) Personal and FMOD 1.08.10 - running on Mac 10.11.6 and I have followed the instructions in the tutorial exactly.

I did notice that some of the sounds in the FMOD file, differ from the Tutorial. Has something been updated in the downloads and inadvertently broken a link? How does Mono-Develop / Unity become aware of the additional FMOD types? Is there anything extra I need to add.

I saw another user with the exact same issue - but his message has been deleted or moved.

Please help!

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Have you followed the step of installing the integration correctly?

Do you have any outstanding compiler errors?

Hi Nicholas - I believe so, I have been following the steps given the FMOD TV tutorials. I shall try agin with a fresh install on my MacBook. In the Downloads section of the FMOD site, there are three different asset packages for the Rollaball demo, does it matter which one I choose?

  • Unity Tutorial Video Assets files - Rollaball demo level - user to complete
  • Unity Tutorial Video Assets files - Rollaball demo level - completed implementation
  • Unity Tutorial Video Assets files - Rollaball FMOD Studio project

Thanks for your help,

If you start with the “Rollaball demo level - user to complete” then you need to start at Video 1 - Installing the Integration. So for that you’ll need to actual integration “Unity Integration for Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/WinPhone V2.0”