Fmod load asset bank

Hello there!

I build metadata and assets to separate banks in FMOD Studio 2.01.10.
When I try to load the bank into the game I get the following log message :
[LOG] Manager::readBank : fileversion = 135, compatVersion = 132 (oldest = 44, newest = 135)
[WRN] ObjectLookup::get : Lookup failed for WaveformResourceModel: {11e9c386-c5b1-4d6b-bdd6-cda498dd0f47}
[ERR] EventModelPreloadVisitor::visitWaveformInstrumentModel : WaveformResourceModel (Asset) not found, this could indicate a corresponding asset bank is not currently loaded.
[ERR] assert : assertion: ‘resource’ failed

The problem repeats itself unstably, but always happens with the same asset, even with a different number of assets in the bank.
Other assets are played normally.
The problem is repeated only on PS4. Encoding format AT9.

How can I see the layout of assets in the bank?
And what can I try to do?

Thank you!

I have reproduced this error by playing an event without first loading the file that the event is assigned to.
It sounds like you have definitely attempted to load the assets bank since it only occassionally throws the error. Are you loading your banks asynchronously / with the FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_BANK_NONBLOCKING flag? If you are, try loading banks with the FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_BANK_NORMAL flag and see if that solves the issue.
If you aren’t loading asynchronously then this might be a bug, and I will probably need a basic reproduction from you to investigate further.