FMOD Music Trigger Mulitiply scenes


IM working on a 2D game based on 4 scenes.

Scene 1 - Intro - Oneshot music (no problem)

Scene 2 - Level Menu - plays looped music. You can choose a level.

Scene 3 - UI screen above the chosen level. The music is still playing. When you press on “are you ready?” “OK” the screen goes to scene 4

Scene 4 - The game plays. I want the music to go to the tail and stops so the sfx and ambience can play. I made parameter to control it but I can’t give it an source cause the music is triggerd in Scene 2 on the main camera.

Ive tried to put scene 2 into scene 4 so i can give the main camera of scene 4 a parameter trigger and as source the main camera of scene 2. This didn’t work…

I know how to do it in a 3D game but im stuck with this 2D game.

What are the options to solve this problem?

Tim R

It sounds like you may need a custom script or an object/manager that persists outside of each scene to find/assign the event and change parameters. You should be able to use the Studio Parameter Trigger to change the parameter when an object from the previous scene is disabled or destroyed.