FMOD studio Output channel issue/offset


I have an FMOD Studio 2.02.15 project that does not output to the correct audio channels after trying Unity “live Update” with that project. I did not save/overwrite the project file since trying that, so I am using the same project as before the “live update” test.

In other words: Previously, the FMOD project output to my system audio (OSX 10.15) as expected, but now it is outputting to some other audio channels of my audio interface.
I see levels in my FMOD master bus) and I see audio in some higher-numbered output channels of my audio interface mixer that make no sense…

I tried setting “core audio” to “no sound” in FMOD’s Output Device setting in the hopes that it might reset this output channel issue/offset. It did not.

I also noticed the following errors in the FMOD studio console when opening that same project:

22:10:28 QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted [#12 times]
22:11:25 “FMOD_ERROR (27): Cannot call this command after System::init.” 22:11:25 “FMOD_ERROR /opt/teamcity-agent/work/b8b6893b00c565e4/studio/src/SoundSystem.cpp(129): system->setSoftwareFormat(deviceInfo.sampleRate, speakerMode, 0)”

I looked at OSX Audio Midi Settings and did not notice anything unusual…
No changes in my audio interface configuration either.
Restarting the computer and FMOD did not help either.

Any ideas where to look? I am I am in the middle of this project and this feels very scary. :slight_smile:

Anybody else had similar issues?


Just to confirm if this was the same issue here: Sound won't switch to new device - #20 by davidkamp1?

yes it was! thanks!

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