FMOD Studio 2.13 Multiple edit not working

Hi there !
WOrking with the updated version 2.13 of FMOD studio, I lost the abbility to do multiple edit function. Is that something I do wrong updating the software ?
Thanks for helping me !
Cheers !


I’m unable to reproduce your issue using 2.02.13. What exactly are you trying to multi-edit? Can you provide me with a short series of steps that reproduces the issue on your end?

Hi again ! Thanks for watching !
My colleague doesn’t have the problem in his session.
And I’ve tried old FMOD versions with the same “problem”. No golden display allowing multiple edit.
Reboot and de-install re-install the FMOD studio application does not solve.

The only difference I can see here (I can be totally wrong) is that I’m using windows 11 and maybe this is not the same underlying c++ environment installed compared to windows 10 ? Or something due the alert message from windows defender saying some network functionnalities aren’t working because of security risk protection.

The actions I do for example in the event editor :

  1. go to event editor window
  2. click on the left panel (event list flatten or unflattened)
  3. CTRL + N to create new event 1
  4. CTRL + N to create new event 2
    5 selecting those 2 events
  5. no golden displaying, no multi edit possible (on the volume knob for exeample)

Well I affraid this hard to solve, as it is not reproductible from my colleague’s sessoin and from yours neither.

Hope those details can help you a bit for helping me ^^ Good luck !


Ok I’m the error, I notice that the keyboard shortcut “SHIFT + B” does affect the ability to multi edit mode (toggle keyboard shortcut in a way). So… thanks for your time. And sorry for annoying you with my bad skills ^^ !! Have a nice day !!
Great soft !! Hope all the good for you !

No problem, it’s good to hear that you resolved the issue.