FMOD Version 2.1.7 Split screen

I am using the latest version of FMOD 2.1.7 for unity 2019.4.15f1(LTS).
I’m trying to make a split-screen game, but only the last added listener works in the game, the previous ones do not play sounds, how to solve this problem?

What are the listener IDs of your listeners?

0 and 1

Thanks for the clarification and video. Looking at the revision history of the FMOD Engine, I see that version 2.01.08 included this item: “Unity - Fix multiple listeners positioning not working correctly.” Which is to say, there is a known issue in version 2.01.07 that prevents multiple listeners from working correctly. Upgrading to a newer version of FMOD should solve your problem.

Thanks for the answer!

I can’t update, maybe the update isn’t available for download yet? The editor also has the latest version 2.1.7

I found a link to the asset of the required version on your website, but I need to download it through PackageManager, can you tell the date when the newer version will be available in PackageManager?

The next Package Manager-compatible version of our Unity integration is waiting upon verification from Unity. It’ll be made available once its verified.

Thanks for the help, I will wait