Fmodstudiosettings.asset keeps appearing in git without changing anything

I ran the game to test it and then exited out of play mode and didn’t do anything. I looked in git and there wasn’t any change. Then when I closed unity, I saw that a “change” happened in fmodstudiosettings.asset.
This happens a lot. Should I put this file in gitignore?
Thank you

That settings file should not be added to the git ignore file. That file contains all the settings for the project, so if it’s ignored in Git other developers will need to set everything up again

There is a gitignore file you can use over on GitHub which will show you what files to include:

Thank you for replying.
Ok but why does it keep coming up without changing anything? I tried committing this file once and it still came up.

Are you able to diff the file on your computer with the file on the server? How do they differ?