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We have this problem at the office, where in git my colleagues will have the ‘’ showing as a pending file (a file they have changed), but in reality they haven’t, since I’m the only one building banks in FMOD studio and pushing.

The thing is they can not discard the ‘’ without closing Unity first and that, of course, makes it pretty cumbersome for my colleagues. I have never experienced this behavior before with FMOD and Unity. We’re using FMOD 2.0. and Unity 2019.3.14f1.

Hope someone knows what’s up, and can point me in the right direction.

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Might be a gitignore thing. Try putting this stuff in, If you haven’t already.


I have found though if I add fmod to the project then add the gitignore sometimes it doesn’t work.

Also what FMOD Plugin Settings are you using? Single platform Project, Project or Multi platform project?

Thanks for the reply!

We’re already using gitignore and I can see that we’re actually ignoring both Assets/StreamingAssets/.bank and Assets/StreamingAssets/.bank.meta. Weird that it doesn’t work sometimes.

We’re using multi platform since we’re releasing on both pc and nintendo switch.

Yea I had an issue where fmod_editor.log kept throwing up an merge error even though it was in the gitignore. So since then I just add the fmod gitignore stuff before adding fmod and haven’t had any issues since.

I did find this article which shows how to untrack something from a git.

Might be of use to you.

Is your FMOD project saved in the same folder as the unity project? Cause that can cause issues as well.

It’s waaaaay too late to add it before, but nice to know for the future. I’ll talk to one of my programmers about it. Yeah, it is in the same folder as Assets, Library, Logs and so forth. Never had issues with that before, but maybe it has something to do that. Again, thanks for the reply!