FMODStudioSettings.asset sourceProjectPath setting saved per machine

We’re having some frustration with the Unity integration of FMOD studio. The FMODStudioSettings.asset file has a “sourceProjectPath” setting in it, which is machine specific.
Everyone in our team has a different project folder path (usually within their home folder), and as a result every keeps touching the settings file, and checking it into source control.

Can we make that setting NonSerialised so that it doesn’t keep getting changed by every different user?

The sourceProjectPath should only be updated when the path in the FMOD Settings is changed, after the first time it is set that path will be used to get the correct directory for the current platform.

What version of FMOD are you using?

I’m using the new 2.00 of FMOD Studio.

The frustration that I’m having (which I probably haven’t explained very well) is that whenever we pull the unity project, we need to re-point the FMOD project location, which then updates the sourceProjectPath setting. Then every time we check our project changes into source control, we need to remove that change from the commit, and often this step is forgotten. Then whenever everyone else in the team pulls the latest updates, they will again need to re-point the FMOD project location.

The problem here is that the sourceProjectPath value is a machine specific value, that gets pushed into a shared source control system.

Yea this is happening to us too since we updated to FMOD 2.0. Wasn’t happening previously. But now just like @buzzrick is saying, each individual has to re-point to the project every time they pull a change to the settings.

We are currently looking into this and will hopefully have a fix in the next release.

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Hi @buzzrick ,
I saw this and a solution might be using a relative project path.
So instead of having the full system specific path, you could use ..\<your fmod folder>\<your fmod project>.fspro. Where the ..\ indicates that fmod should look one level higher in the folder hierarchy relative to the contents of the unity project.
So you can use that if your project structure is like this:

  • Project root
    • fmod folder
    • unity project folder

Should the fmod folder be inside your Unity project, you can do this:
some folder\fmod folder\fmod project.fspro for

  • Project root
    • unity project
      • some folder
        • fmod folder

The problem with that is that this issue arises, since the full path is not correctly calculated from the relative one. As soon as this is fixed, you should be good to go.

Hello again,

I fixed the error. When using relative paths, FMOD did not account for getting file names from that. So I guess, since the file cannot be found in the system, it cannot correctly get the file name from the bankRef path, which in turn saves a path inside

I fixed it inside the EventManager, but I guess you should go ahead and fix it where the relative paths aren’t accounted for in the first place.

This is on version 2.00.02 by the way.

Here’s the fix:

I hope this helps in the fixing process, too. @cameron-fmod


Thanks for the info, very helpful.

We are aiming to have this fixed for the next release.