Google resonance spatial reverb in mono?

I tried to setup to use Resonance Audio via FMOD in Unity. I’ve attached the FmodResonanceAudioRoom to an empty game object. Once I play back an event via the FMOD Studio Emitter the reverb sounds combfiltered with a phantom image in the centre. Is there a setting I’ve missed somewhere?

Another issue is that once I put in an ambiX file I can’t use distance based volume rolloff. Is this a feature of the Google Resonance Audio plugin?

Am on Unity 2020.2.1f1, FMOD for Unity 2.01.07, windows 10 64 bit.

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I’ve not been able to replicate this issue on our machines. Are you able to provide a video or a small project that replicates this problem? It’s possible the routing is causing doubling up of signals and causing a strange phasing sound.

In regards to the AmbiX file, I would need to see how you have set up this reverb. I’ve been able to get distance attenuation using it.

hi richard,

many thanks for checking. i’ll make a video / screenshots and keep you posted.

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hi richard,

i’ve double check the project and made some screenshots.
the reverb does indeed sound in stereo - apparently the headphone adapter from the soundcard was broken. apologies for this.

with regard to distance attenuation and reverb with ambiX files, please see the screenshots.

i’ve followed the setup details from Resonance Audio - FMOD . in there they only add a soundfield source to the master track which i did. but no “resonance audio source”. the latter interfaces with the reverb and distance attenuation. so it makes sense that i don’t hear this on the ambisonics file. would i have to add the resonance audio source, too?

also, i set-up the number of speakers to 5.1. otherwise i would only hear the ambiX file in stereo and the last two channels were missing. is this correct?

many thanks again for your help.

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As you’ve described, having a Soundfield does not allow for distance attenuation. This is by design. If you need distance attenuation you will need to use the Audio Source plugin.

In regards to reverb, as long as there is a reverb effect after the Google Resonance Listener then it will apply reverb to any event regardless of using Audio Source or Soundfield. If you need some 2D sounds that remain unaffected by the reverb, you can place the Resonance Listener on a group bus dedicated to 3D sounds that should be affected by reverb, with the reverb effect placed after (you can control it using snapshots). Then you can have a separate 2D sound group bus that is not affected by the reverb on the 3D bus.

thanks richard. i understand this better now. (apologies for the late reply)