Harsh 'ping' on Meta Quest 2 builds

Here’s the issue I’m encountering:

  • Every so often (about one time in four) a harsh ‘ping’ sounds that spikes the levels whenever a particular sound triggers.

  • This ONLY happens on builds for the Quest 2, so it’s difficult to troubleshoot in engine

  • Using FMOD 2.02.15 and Unity 2022.3.5f1

Additionally, I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the compression settings we use in case that may factor into things.

I’d love to know if this is a known issue or if anyone has experienced anything like this before and may have some advice for how to troubleshoot.


Uploading: image.png…


It seems you likely posted before your image was uploaded - can I get you to reupload the image? Also, are you able to observe this “ping” when profiling the Quest 2 build via Live Update in FMOD Studio? If you’re unclear on how to do connect to the Quest 2 with Live Update, please see this thread: Live Update on Oculus Quest 2 Build