Live Update on Oculus Quest 2 Build

Is it possible to use Live Update to connect to a build on an Oculus Quest 2?

With my current workflow I would need to build the whole project to test any change or tweak in situ, and this takes a very long time, and I’m sure it will only get longer as the project grows.


Yes, it is! Instructions to get Unity set up for Live Update can be found under Unity Integration | Connecting Using Live Update. From the Oculus side, you will have to get the devices IP which is easily found under WIFI > Connected Network > Advanced > IP address. In FMOD Studio turn on live update by clicking the button at the bottom of FMOD Studio window:

Which will open the Connect to Game dialogue box, select the New Address from the Address dropdown list:
And enter the details for the Oculus:
And with the game running on your Oculus click Connect.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Connor, that’s exactly what I needed!

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