Hi!guys, How can I get the data after sound change with the type of byte[]

In Android Studio,How can I get the data after sound change with the type of byte[]?
Well,my data of input is byte[] & I need get output data with changed is byte[] too.
Oh yeah!the length of output data must be equal to length of input data.It’s very import!
So how can I do ?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean. Can you please give more detail on what you are wanting to do?

Well,There is my code(Java Language):
====== code start ======
private byte[] doVoice(){
AudioFrame frame = getAudioFrame();
ByteBuffer byteBuffer = frame.getData();
byte[] inputBuffer = new byte[byteBuffer.limit()];
byte[] outputBuffer = new byte[byteBuffer.limit()];
outputBuffer = VoiceTools.changeVoice(1, inputBuffer);
return outputBuffer;
====== code end ======
so,the data format of voice is byte[],and how could I to deal these data with FMOD?

Excuse me?

Sorry we aren’t able to write the code for you, maybe someone else in the community has some suggestions?

Thank you anyway

I know how to input byte[] ,but I dont know how to output data use byte[].
Have U solved the problem?