How do I get FMOD library files installed back onto an Android device?

Long story shorter… Minecraft Pocket Edition… after v0.15.0… won’t run anymore on the kids tablet… took a look at logs related to that apps startup. Looks like it wants to load-in FMOD library but can’t find it!

What’s the quickest and easiet way to go about getting those FMOD end-user library files installed back onto an end-users device?

Since it looks like a shared-library type of deal, I was thinking maybe if I installed some other product which made use of these same libraries perhaps that could alleviate this issue?

Mojang is taking their sweet-ass time in responding to this initialization issue a bunch of us seem to be having… meanwhile… all our kids are get whiney about it… so wanted to try some steps on my own to help troubleshoot this issue.



We can’t provide support to end users of games. You’ll have to wait for the developer to resolve this issue.

But I can tell you that user libraries on Android are restricted to the application they came with. It’s also likely that the libraries files are there, and some other type of loading error is being presented as file not found.

RE: can’t provide to end users. -> That’s OK… I have more than enough dev work on my plate to go jumpin into another platform anyway :slight_smile:

Hrmm… you know… you said something there that reminded me of an error a long time ago. Had an app that would need to load-in a library dynamically… only… the file for that library… one of it’s clusters apparently got cross-linked over to one of the clusters that make up the freespace on the drive… so when it tried to load-in the file… it would load into memory… get to the cross-linked cluster… and the OS, not knowing anything was wrong… would continue trying to load in the rest of the clusters of this “file” (which were all the freespace clusters, and thus a huge amount)… so it’d eventually lock-up the system since the OS would run out of space to load the jacked-up file into memory… then the OS itself would have no more available ram to do its thing, so the system locked up nice and tight.

I wonder if possibly corruption is rearing its head in this instance… and I say that as their app runs and goes to a black screen for like a count of 6 or so… then bops back out back to the home screen with no error messages whatsoever. I wonder if corruption of that files integrity could be causing its load-in to fail… but then Android is more gracefully handling such a situation and decide to just bop back out to the home-screen.

Anyhoo… thanks for that lil snippet of Android OS insight there.