[LowLevel][C++] - Crashes on android after updating

We recently updated the fmod SDK to the latest for our mobile game on Android. The version before was about 1 year old.
Many users didn’t have any sound output any longer after that and also many users faced crashes at startup or later during gameplay after that. We reverted to the old version and pushed another update. After that everything was working fine again.

We’d still like to update our fmod android SDK.

Does anybody know what could be the problem here and what we could do to prevent these no-sound and crash issues?

What versions of FMOD did you upgrade from and to?

@cameron-fmod Thanks for the response!
Unfortunately, I don’t know the upgraded-to-version exactly, since we reverted the change quickly. It was the version we downloaded 5 days ago. If there was no update until then, it’s the latest version.
The version we are on right now (and that we reverted back to) is: 69649

About my other thread for iOS crashes: I can’t provide any logging for that iOS crash, since we can’t reproduce this. Around 1% of our users are facing this crash. Is there anything else besides logging that might help? Have you ever seen anything similar? Is there anything that this semaphore_wait might point to?
I made two different threads, since these are 2 entirely different issues. I can’t reply on the other thread any longer - so should we talk about both different issues here?

Any further help is highly appreciated, and thanks again that you’re taking a look into these issues.

Apologies, they seemed related. I’ll reopen the other thread.

69649 is version 1.10.11, although I don’t see anything in the patch notes that would cause issues on Android. Have you been able to reproduce this at all?

@cameron-fmod Ah okay! I answered in the other thread, thanks!

69649 is the old version, the one that seems to work fine on Android. When we did the update to the latest we had the issue of sound not working at all and various random crashes. Is there anything between 69649 and now that could cause this? (or did you mean that already?)

Yes that’s what I meant sorry, are you able to reproduce it at all?

@cameron-fmod I believe the missing sound, we could reproduce, the crashes were fairly random for our users. It was a very hectic day of pushing the update and immediately reverting it after receiving tons of crash reports.
Maybe this crash only appears when building for release and not in debug mode. I remember testing it and that it worked on my devices. Sorry that I don’t recall everything.

If you can share any information relevant to the missing sound issue, we can attempt to reproduce it here to investigate it further.

Hi. I guess I had the same issue on Android. We’ve updated FMOD from 1.10 to 2.05 and it had lots of crashes and anr’s on different android devices. We reproduced it easily.
But in new version 2.06 everything is okay. I didn’t find anything similar to this in changelog, but now it works for me)

upd: I use fmod with unity 2019