How to get and display FMOD Studio parameter names in Unity UI?

I’ve gleaned various answers leading up to this, for which I’m grateful. But I haven’t quite found a precedent for this, so I’d appreciate any insight.

Say I have multiple events with parameters setup whose names I want to appear in the in-game UI, as sliders with corresponding text. This is the use case scenario:

  • Various FMOD events (containing Programmer Instruments or other instruments playing looped sounds) have 1-4 parameters mapped.
  • There is a way in the game to play one of those events, and alongside it, show the 1-4 parameters with sliders/knobs, and the parameter names.
  • It will only show UI controls for active parameters. So if an event has 2 parameters named “Volume” and “Intensity”, it only shows 2 UI sliders/knobs with those exact label names, "Volume and “Intensity”.
  • So basically, this particular control panel adapts to match whatever the active event — and its parameters — have available.
  • Assume “Parameter scope” = “Local”

How would I do this with FMOD and Unity?

I see this section which is presumably related:

You can use EventDescription::getParameterDescriptionCount to get the number of parameters on an event and use EventDescription::getParameterDescriptionByIndex in a for loop to enumerate the parameters. That will give you a FMOD_STUDIO_PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION which has fields for the parameter’s name, min max values etc.

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Thanks for clarifying that, @jeff_fmod! Much appreciated.

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