I'm having troubles in integrate FMOD in unity following all the steps from the tutorials (I'm in the Karting game)

So, I’m following FMOD-Unity integration tutorial. And when I reach the part of trying the Karting race game (after importing the FMOD assets), this error appears. Can someone help me, please?

I will try solve the errors in their position in the log:

Error1, and Error2
These are warning is fine. It is just the FMOD system trying to load the Dialogue tables, as they aren’t used in the integration you can ignore this.

To solve this error you can run the FMOD Setup Wizard found under the FMOD toolbar:

Make sure there are no Unity Listeners and they have been replaced with FMOD Listeners. If the Listeners page looks like this:

Then you will have to find the Main camera and add an FMOD Studio Listener:

The last error is being thrown as there is still some code trying to call Unity Audio functions. I will link the step to remove all these references again: https://fmod.com/docs/2.02/unity/integration-tutorial.html#removing-the-existing-audio, mainly step 12.

Hope this helps!