No audio in Unity integration - errors galore

I am trying to import some 4 channel ambisonic files I have manipulated in FMod into my Unity file. I have followed all of the instructions properly, but whenever I try to play test the sound, I get the errors below (as shown in the screenshot I have attached).

I have also attached the editors log in this folder:

I’m not sure why it’s saying the Resonance Soundfield plug is missing because it is on the multichannel files, and I am unsure why it says it cannot find the event as I was able to attach it to the Fmod Event Emitter plug in Unity.

If someone can show me where I am going wrong that would be fantastic.


  • Tom

Have you added the plugin to the list in the FMOD Integration settings?

Also double check that you have gone over all the steps in the Resonance Audio docs: