Ingame Swipe Top Bar & Keyboard Input Fmod Suspend

When I slide the top bar while playing a game, the sound cuts out. Likewise, when I click on the keyboard to send an in-game message, the sound cuts out and spikes occur in the CPU update. How can I prevent this? How can I run fmod normally in the operations done as long as the game is not exited?

What version of FMOD are you using? I haven’t found any issues with the latest version of FMOD. Does this issue occur with both Android and iOS?

Fmod version : 2.01.09 and is occur both Android and IOS

I still haven’t run into any issues here- are you calling System.mixerSuspend or System.mixerResume anywhere?

yes; only before ad load and after ad end.

Thanks for sharing this i am still getting confusion for iOS please share any suggestions.

I see, probably not related to this issue then. Can you please enable API Error Logging in the FMOD Unity settings and send through a log of when you scroll the top bar or send an in-game message?