Ingame Swipe Top Bar & Keyboard Input Fmod Suspend

When I slide the top bar while playing a game, the sound cuts out. Likewise, when I click on the keyboard to send an in-game message, the sound cuts out and spikes occur in the CPU update. How can I prevent this? How can I run fmod normally in the operations done as long as the game is not exited?

What version of FMOD are you using? I haven’t found any issues with the latest version of FMOD. Does this issue occur with both Android and iOS?

Fmod version : 2.01.09 and is occur both Android and IOS

I still haven’t run into any issues here- are you calling System.mixerSuspend or System.mixerResume anywhere?

yes; only before ad load and after ad end.

yes; only before ad load and after ad end.

I see, probably not related to this issue then. Can you please enable API Error Logging in the FMOD Unity settings and send through a log of when you scroll the top bar or send an in-game message?

this happening

And these errors are happening after swiping down the top bar or using the keyboard?
I think I will need a reproduction to investigate this properly, would it be possible for you to please upload either a stripped down Unity project or a debug build of your APK to your FMOD Profile for me to test?

How should I send to you? via e-mail?

You can upload anything to your FMOD Profile and i will be able to access it:

thanx, I uploaded.

Thank you for sending that over. I cannot see or hear any obvious cutout points, can you please tell me at what times in the profiler capture are these cutouts are occurring?

1- Pull down the navigation bar while playing a game, the sound cuts out.
2- In order to type a message, sound cuts out when the keyboard is opened by pressing on a text/ keyboard button
3- It cuts out every 2-3 minutes while playing the game.
it does the same while waiting in the main menu.
There is a regular interruption. I can’t find what triggers it.

Thank you for the extra information, I see what you mean with the audio cutting out when I download the application from the Google Play Store, but I cannot get any debug information from that version.
Can you please enable API Error Logging in the FMOD Unity settings and either:

  1. Send us a full log from the application launching up to the issue occurring
  2. Send us a debug build of the apk so that we can investigate this issue on our end

I have uploaded two separate debug log files for you. One for the pull down of navigation bar sound error and the other for the random audio interrupt.

Thank you for sending that through, that’s providing a lot more information now. I am still missing some of the information I need because I forgot to ask you to set the Logging Level to “Log”- which will provide information on mixerSuspend, mixerResume and should tell me when the audio is starting and stopping.
So, sorry to ask again, but this time can you please set your Logging Level to “Log” in the FMOD Unity Settings and send through another full log?