IsValid() and other documentation

I’ve been working as a programmer with FMOD and Unity for a while now and I was wondering what does EventInstance.IsValid() does exactly and when am I supposed to use it?
I couldn’t find anything in the documentation and this occurs frequently for others functions that i think are not documented or poorly documented. I was wondering if I was missing a fundamental documentation source. My main and only source of documentation is this:

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I believe it’s just looking to see if an FMOD event is being triggered or not. I generally use it to do checks to stop looping events when certain conditions are met or things of that nature.

I’m not a real coder though. Hopefully someone can answer this in more detail for you.

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Unfortunately as a bit of an oversight the IsValid functions aren’t documented, although all of our documentation is getting an overhaul soon and we are always looking for ways to improve it.

IsValid() is useful ,as JB said, for looping events, and for lists of FMOD handles in particular. It is a good quick way to check if a FMOD handle is ready to use by making sure it is something that the FMOD System knows about.

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