Live Update to Unreal Editor running on another Computer

Hi All,

I’m a complete beginner to FMOD and Unreal. I can connect via Live Update on my computer from FMOD to URE both running on my computer by using 'localhost but as the title suggests, is a connection between 2x computers possible?
I am attempting this between to mac book pros which i will refer to as FMOD-mac and URE-mac.

Steps taken:

  1. Manual IP address set on both macs
  2. afp:// share containing Game folder and all content created on URE-mac & connected to from FMOD-Mac
  3. Assets folder on URE-mac set in preferences of FMOD-mac and Built

Now when clicking live update on FMOD-mac and typing in the IP address of the URE-mac all is shown is “Live Update Reconnecting”.

Is there a certain format the IP address needs to be typed in as?
Do any ports needs to be stipulated in the URE game project settings > Plugins - FMOD Studio - Live Update Port?

Hope some of this makes sense. Thanks in advance!

Firstly, there is an issue connecting a new Studio tool (1.08.03+) and an older runtime (<1.08.03).

To find out what FMOD Studio version you are running, select FMOD Studio -> “About FMOD Studio”. It should list the version.

To find out what FMOD Studio runtime version you are running, go to UE4 Help, select “About FMOD Studio”. It will list the runtime version that the integration was built against, and the version of the dynamic library.

If you have a new tool and and older runtime, you can get a later UE4 integration so that they match.

However, the above may not be your issue if you can connect locally. It sounds like you have the right IP since “Reconnecting” implies that it at least connected to the address correctly. If you have a look at the FMOD Studio log in verbose mode, you might be able to see messages of what is going on. If you don’t see anything that explains it, you could contact with the log.

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