Use live update and connect to a different pc?

Hi all,

Is it possible for me to run the game on one computer and use the live update feature on fmod studio on another computer? I’d be running a build from Steam. Would that be possible?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, that’s entirely possible. You need to get the IP address from the computer the game is going to run on and ensure that you are able to connect/ping that computer from where you are running FMOD Studio.

That’s awesome to hear, Richard, thanks! This may sound stupid as I never tried it before, but how can I connect/ping another computer that is in another place and a different network? It’s something that I have no real knowledge about, so if you happen to have a link or something that could help me with that, I’d deeply appreciate it!

Unfortunately that’s outside my knowledge as it’s to do with sysadmin/networking. I can tell you to look into using a VPN to join the network the computer the game is running on and then you can connect from there, but the specifics are something you’ll need outside assistance with.

Sounds good, thanks a lot for clarifying, Richard! I’ll look into it.