Missing banks on CL build

We have problem with building by CL command. It’s seems that only in Unity editor Fmod will copy banks to streaming assets. I found topic on forum will solution, but it not works for us. I mean calling methods FMODUnity.EventManager.UpdateCache() and FMODUnity.EventManager.CopyToStreamingAssets() in our building script will not deal with that issue.
Is there any other workaround or special place to use those methods?
We are using Unity 2017.4.181f and FMod 1.10.08


We have a fix for this coming in the next release (1.10.12), I have also added this to our Github rep. https://github.com/fmod/UnityIntegration/commit/96736fe21696e26124150a50fee56a8e3b62a6d9