Multiple listeners seperate mixer


I like to ask if its possible to support multiple listeners , each with their own mixer, instead of 1 mixer. What I want is each listener having their own independent sound mixer.

busses are grouped according to sounds, not a listeners 3d location, so right now, no, you can’t do that.

Mixing into 1 bus using a specialized panning algorithm with multiple listeners is currently far more efficient than having up to 4 mixes per sound, though it is technically feasible.

Hi Brett, thanks for the reply.

What I want is to have individual busses for each listener. Is there somewhere I can modify the code to do that?

Hi , there is only 1 bus for all listeners (actually there is no bus, it is just the 3D panner calculating the pan for the event based on all of the listeners).
You can’t really change code on the user side without doing the panning yourself.

Hi Brett, I see. Wwise seems to support that feature.