No 3D audio when building to Quest 2

We’re using fmod 2.02.04 and Unity 2020.3.26 for this project with the Oculus spatializer plugin.
The 3D audio works fine when debugging in the editor with Oculus quest. However when building to the quest, the 3D audio turns “2D” and is very low, also sometimes the audio wont even play. I’m fairly new to this so let me know if you need any additional info.

I seem to have fixed the problems.
For anyone else that might face the same challenges:

  1. No 3D Audio in Build but in editor: i doubled the virtual and real channel both in the Fmod settings in unity and also in project settings. That seemed to fix it.
  2. No sound at all when starting the app: Since i built to android (quest) i had to async load the Fmod banks, thanks to this article