Not seeing attenuation distances handles/gizmos on the Scene

Hi, it’s been some time since last paid attention to this, but I’ve seen that on the Unity Editor I cannot longer see the attenuation distance handlers of a FMOD Studio Event Emitter.

I seem to remember being able to edit these distances when checking “Override Attenuation” and seeing the handles in the Scene view. I’ve checked the documentation and it says so: “Overriding Attenuation: If you tick the box to allow overriding attenuation, then you will be able to enter new minimum and maximum falloff distances for the emitter. You will also be able to change the distances using the sphere handles in the scene view.”

I’ve been looking around and I don’t seem to have unchecked anything regarding gizmos or anything related to this in the scene view. The events I’m checking are both 2D and 3D, but none of them have this. Is it something I need to enable maybe when creating the events in the Studio?

Has this changed? I’m supposed to see them or has this been removed?

Right now I’m on Unity 5.6.2p2 and FMOD 1.10.02.


Hi Carles,

The attenuation gizmos haven’t been removed in our FMOD Unity integration.

Could you please check if “Gizmos > Scripts > StudioEventEmitter” is still checked and if the Min & Max attenuation properties haven’t been set to 0? This could cause the emitter gizmos to be hidden behind the mesh of the game object you’ve selected.


Hi Richard, thanks for the answer.
Yes, I checked all that, and all Gizmos were checked and Min & Max properties had different non-zero values, as I was trying to change them.

I’ve found the solution after trying new things, though. Turns out I wasn’t seeing the “Edit Collider” gizmos when clicking the button on a Cube or Sphere Collider, for example. This meant that it was a Unity “issue”.

I was using a custom Layout organization, and reverting to the Default Layout caused the gizmos to appear again. Turns out that if you have more than one Inspector/Debug panels in the Layout, these gizmos won’t work. I was working with the normal Inspector tab and another tab set on Debug behind it. Unity must get confused if there are more than one present in the Layout. Going back to Default and then to my custom Layout (saved without the second Inspector tab) shows the gizmos correctly.

See answers and issue here:

Nice to have found the solution.