On / Off Sound effects, with a volume fade out on each, when switching back and forth (for when pressed in rapid succession)

I have a ~2sec sfx that plays when the player pushes the A button, then another ~2sec sfx that plays when the player takes their finger off the A button.

I’ve got them setup on a parameter that automates a volume fade in and out as it moves from one to the other, but when the player pushes the button in rapid succession, it either violently cuts off the previous sound (Set to “CUT”), or with “CUT” turned off, it continues playing, but can be heard fading back in as the parameter moves back to the other.

What I really want is to somehow create a small fadeout in volume on each sound, as the other one starts to play.

Can anyone help me out with the best way to accomplish this?


It seems you’ve put your both SFX in the same event. In my opinion, it would be better to have 2 separate events, with a release set on both (which would trigger by stopping the event at the right moment).

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Great thanks Alci