Pause Timeline From Parameter

Hi All,

Wanted to see what would be the recommended way to do this. Basically when a player leaves a trigger area, or gets far enough, I want to pause the timeline of an event and add a small fade out. I know about the pause event class, but I’m wondering where I could add a fade in that case, ideally editable from FMOD studio.

Many Thanks!

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing (November of 2016) there is no easy way to add a fadeout on event pause.

However, it is possible to add a fadeout to an event that can be played at any time; Simply automate the event’s master track volume on a parameter and assign that parameter a seek speed. If you set the value of the parameter a short period of time before pausing the event, you should be able to get the effect you want.

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Thanks for this - I ended up using getTimelinePosition before stopping with allowed fadeout, then to un-pause, setTimelinePosition and start. Thanks!

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