Popping to Persistent SFX when Adding Spatializer

Hello, I’m new to using FMOD with UE4 and working with audio in general. I am trying to make an object emit a low humming noise that the player can hear when they approach it. However, whenever the player looks around, I hear a bunch of unpleasant popping noises coming from this noise. I went into FMOD and tried panning the sound with the 3D preview, and the same issue occurred.

Fortunately, when I tried an audio recording of some people talking, there was none of that popping. This makes me think it is something to do with the audio itself. Is there any way I could share the original audio, as well as an example of this problem, so someone could tell me why this issue might be occurring?


Yes, you can upload files to your profile. We are then able to access those files to test on our end. If you follow this link: https://fmod.com/profile#uploads it will take you to the upload page.