Popping when cutting off instruments

Hi folks,

Currently making an engine sound.

There’s a fair bit of popping going on (especially with bassy sounds) when cursor comes off instruments with Cut enabled which i can reduce by:

  • Slowing seek speed
  • Changing crossfade bezier shape
  • Changing zero crossing point and crossfades in Reaper

It helps but not entirety… i suppose popping is happening because it’s going from a value to 0 instantly.

Wondering if anyone has any tips, thanks!

here’s my issue, you can hear pops 2022 08 30 15 47 14 - YouTube

i think the issue is, I am not using autopitch, but manual pitch keyframes

i will switch to autopitch!

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Happy to hear you found a solution and thank you for sharing. I will pass on your findings to our development team to look into further.