Possible crash when using distance normalized parameter with FMOD 2.02.07

Hi there,

I may have found a bug when automating the normalized distance parameter. Here are the steps to reproduce the behaviour: (this is with Windows 10, FMOD 2.02.07)

  • create a new event
  • add a new parameter → built-in: distance (normalized)
  • build bank
  • attempt to scrub the new parameter fails. the display does not update.

Scrubbing the parameter may also cause FMOD studio to crash.

Am I doing something wrong or is this indeed a bug?

Best wishes,

This is, indeed, a bug. It looks like the range of distance (normalized) parameters isn’t being loaded properly when an event is loaded into the editor, meaning that anything that re-loads the event (including building banks and deselecting and re-selecting the event in the events browser) makes it impossible to set the value of the event’s distance (normalized) parameters until the parameter’s range is updated. I’ll add this issue to our bug tracker.

In the mean time, you should be able to work around this issue by editing the min or max distance in the event’s macro controls. It doesn’t matter if you immediately undo the change; it’ll make the distance (normalized) parameter work again until the next time the event is loaded.

thanks for putting the issue on the issue tracker. this helps. :slight_smile: