Problem with midi drum track

(laggyluk) #1

It’s more of a bug than a question:
Each time I pause and then unpause midi track with drums I hear loud, clipping “thump”. Doesn’t happen when there is no drum track.

(laggyluk) #2

I’ve done some experimenting and it sounds like whenever seek operation is performed on a stream playing midi it doesn’t discard drum events previous to seek position but plays them all at once which results in that annoying boom.

(Brett Paterson) #3

Sorry, didnt reply to this when I was supposed to. This could be an implementation bug, i’ll try get it reproduced and fixed for this release.

(Brett Paterson) #4

this is now fixed for the next release

(laggyluk) #5

great :slight_smile: any estimation on release date?

(Brett Paterson) #6

end of this month, so within a week. 1.08 patch update, and 1.09, a new major release is due at this time.

(Brett Paterson) #7

There is a new release 1.09 and 1.08 update, which has a fix for this issue