Programming for a piano keyboard

I have made a piano keyboard program in C using FMOD to give different frequencies of some sound files. I can play both by using a mouse, clicking on drawn keys on the screen, or use my PC keyboard, with each key playing a specific frequency etc. Now, what I want is to use an actual piano keyboard instead of my ordinary PC keyboard, and wonder if it is easy and uncomplicated to use the one for the other.

Many piano keyboards are made to be connected to a PC, but I need to know if they have to have some specific features to be able to use them as mentioned above - programming the behaviour of each paino key myself. Maybe I have to find another forum for this question, but I’ll try here first.

Thanks in advance.


FMOD doesn’t have this type of functionality, but perhaps someone from the community will have some ideas for you.

Thank you for answering. I asked the question in the Microsoft forum and got to know that I could use a midi keyboard for this purpose. So I think that I actually have got the answer I wanted.