Quest/VR 'best practices' or settings for minimal latency/lag


We’re currently evaluating FMOD for our next VR project and while everything worked out great so far, audio latency is very apparent (I have yet to measure it but it sounds like 150-200ms).

I seem to be able to get it down by chaging the DSP buffer size to 128x2 (instead of the ‘Auto’ which seems to be 512x4).

So questions are:

  • What are reasonable DSP buffer sizes to use on Quest/Quest2 ?
  • Are there other things going on under the hood when you choose a ‘Mobile’ platform vs. a ‘Desktop’ one (besides the setting we get visibility to)?

BTW the debug overlay is useless in VR which makes it harder to actually monitor the effect these changes have on processing.


A reasonable DSP buffer size is any multiple of 4 that balances latency and CPU usage- 256 would be a reasonable minimum for Android/Quest I think, but as long as you aren’t noticing any other issues and the profiler doesn’t show FMOD hogging the CPU then you can go lower.

Not much else is goes on under the hood except for selecting optimum file formats outlined in the Mobile performance reference. Most of the platform settings are more about reducing the size of the resulting bank. You can try changing the streaming settings and/or reduce the amount of streaming assets playing at any given time to reduce some CPU cycles.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll write it up- just to clarify, what is it that makes it useless in VR? e.g Is it not showing useful information, is it in a bad spot on the display?

Thanks for the info Jeff that’s really helpful!

RE the debug overlay, It is in a bad spot on the display (at the edge of the screen, which is literally outside your field of view in VR). But its also completely 2D so your eyes can never focus on it. I tweaked your unity integration scripts to move it to the center of the screen but I still need to close one eye to properly see it.


Thank you for clarifying! That does sound awful- I have passed your feedback onto the Dev team so they can improve the Debug Overlay in a future release.

Hey there! Was just curious to know what the status was of the Debug Overlay reposition on the Quest 2? I’m also having issues where it is only visible at the very edge of the screen.

Using FMOD. 2.02.07 and Unity 2021.2.7f1


*Also would love to know how to reposition the debug using code as previous user managed to do if that’s the only current viable solution.


Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any progress on this issue. I will note your interest in the task.

To manually change the position of the Debug Window you will need to change the values of windowRect on line 53 in RuntimeManager.cs. Hope this helps!