Question about crash: assertion failed CookInputs->CompressedDataGuid.IsValid()

Hi there, I build ue5 from source, on ue5-main. This has been fine throughout Early Access, and any code discrepancies I try to resolve myself (it’s usually just the case of a deprecated function in the FMOD source or renamed variable etc, easily spotted and usually an error during build). It’s usually clear if it’s an issue with FMOD but this time I’m not too sure so I’d like to check in case the FMOD team might be more knowledgeable. This could just be a bad commit for ue5-main, but would like to check anyway!

After pulling on April 10th (my last pull being around March 30th) I’m able to build the engine and my project’s c++ no problem. However, I get an assertion failed crash at 95% loading (postloading objects). The log isn’t extremely helpful to find out what’s causing the crash, and the crash reporter doesn’t launch either. This is the assertion failed:


This is the function in AudioDerivedData that the assertion failed is referencing, I put a comment above line 1549 for you:

FString FDerivedAudioDataCompressor::GetPluginSpecificCacheKeySuffix() const
	int32 FormatVersion = 0xffff; // if the compressor is NULL, this will be used as the version...and in that case we expect everything to fail anyway
	if (CookInputs->Compressor)
		FormatVersion = (int32)CookInputs->Compressor->GetVersion(CookInputs->BaseFormat);
//line 1549:
	FString FormatHash = CookInputs->HashedFormat.ToString().ToUpper();
	return FString::Printf(TEXT("%s_%04X_%s"), *FormatHash, FormatVersion, *CookInputs->CompressedDataGuid.ToString());

So my question is, could this be related to FMOD? It seems to have to do with audio plugins, and I don’t use any other audio whatsoever that isn’t FMOD.
And if so, is there already a fix in place regarding the planned UE5.0 Full Release fmod plugin (I believe in another post it’s due out in a few weeks)? Also, either way, is there something, like quick patchwork, I’m able to do in the meantime to avoid this assertion failed?
As I said, I’m aware this could just be a bug with this commit on ue5-main.

I upgraded to 2.02.06 for UE5.00 from the FMOD Downloads page to see if that would resolve the error, so that’s what version of FMOD I’m on now (fresh, now without any of my patchwork changes I’ve been making to 2.02.02 for the entirety of the UE5EA.)

Here’s my crash log:

HAS_master.log (75.3 KB)

Thanks for any help!

I tried running debug via VS2022, here’s the callstack at the breakpoint. I don’t know if this might help…

More curiously is the Autos during this breakpoint (I’m not super knowledgeable about VS debugging, but I do recognize this “Sane Audio” thing, as it’s a variable name in that actor that I made. This is possibly an UNSET fmod event variable? A placeholder if you will.)

Wow. Immediately after noticing that in the Autos, I removed the actor UASSET file with that empty soundwave variable and then tried booting up my project again. Success! I added the actor back and removed the offending variable. I don’t think it was an FMOD event after-all.

Sorry for any trouble caused!

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