Seek issues with parameters

hey folks i’m triggering an event with parameter. everything goes well except for the fact that i need to start my parameter value at 8 and because i have a slow seek time it goes through all the lower parameters to get there (starting from 0). is there either A) a way to specify the Seek value in code, so that i can change it on the fly or B) a way to immediately set the value of a parameter without traveling through previous values? either of these would be very helpful - thanks!

thanks! i figured it was something obvious i was overlooking…

BUMP - hey folks it would be nice to get some answers. is there any way to make a parameter locate to a value without seeking, or by turning seek so that it doesn’t pass through lower values on its way up? if so what’s the method? thanks!

BUMP - seriously? is there nobody on this forum using Seek? is it just an obvious answer? weird…

Hi metaphysician,

You set a parameter value without seeking by setting the parameter value before calling Event start. Once the event is started it will always apply the seek speed. You can also set the default start value for parameters in the UI right clicking the parameter knob “Set as Initial Value”. Does this satisfy your requirements or do you need a way to set the value without seeking while the event is playing?