Selecting multiple emitters (different values) changes all values to same (first selected)

I am running into a problem that I thing might be easy to solve. Using Fmod in unity. I have 2 event emitters + override attenuation and have both emitters with different values. When I select both they jump to the same value. This is probably a thing with fmod. Changing an object’s size does not change when more are selected.

Thanks for flagging, I’ve been able to recreate the issue. I’ve raised it with the dev team and it will be fixed in an upcoming release. I’ve noticed that as long as you have another object type, such as an empty gameobject or a Cube, selected at the same time you can still manually change the attenuation distances of multiple event emitters- definitely inconvenient but might be useful if you needed to tweak multiple attenuation distances in the meantime.

Cool, thanks.
Glad I could help find an issue