Setting to avoid an FMOD event to be stopped by code

We are starting to use Command instrument to change levels on the music bus, however we soon found out that if we stop the event that has that instruction if we depended on the 2nd one (near the end) it won’t be called (as expected).

We want to know if there any way to set an event to not be able to be stopped, this way we can avoid stopping events by mistake. Thanks

There is no way to make an event immune to API calls made in your game’s code. This is intentional. If our APIs did not work consistently, it would likely cause confusion and be misreported as a bug.

If you do not want an event to stop, do not stop it.

Fair enough. Is there at least a way to know if an event has this kind of setup? we want to avoid stopping events that has this by mistake but we don’t want to have to keep track of which event can or cannot be stopped

Have you considered giving a relevant user property to each event you do not want to stop? User properties are custom variables created for events that your game’s code can check for at run time. You can read more about them here. You could potentially write your game’s code to check each event for a relevant user property before sending a stop command to that event instance.

If you prefer not to manually check each event in your project and add a user property to the ones that should not be stopped, you could potentially use an FMOD Studio script to automate the process. You can learn about FMOD Studio scripts here.

Hi joseph. I think the user properties are exactly what we were looking for. Thanks!