Setting Up FMOD for A Top-Down Game in Unity

Hi, I’m a beginner in using FMOD and am wondering how to set up FMOD for spatialization in a top-down game. The only two axes are Y for front-back and X for left-right. If I don’t set anything up and insert a sound roughly on the left of the listener, the sound pops up on the right. Is there any set up I’m supposed to do for top-down games?

For a top-down game, I recommend you to rather use the (x,z) plan (in FMOD 3d attributes), y being usually for the elevation, and set the listener facing the ground (like the camera) : forward vector (0,-1,0) and up vector (0,0,1). By default, coordinates are left-handed, which will be fine if you follow what I suggested just before.

How am I supposed to configure that? Do you mind writing it out or referring me to the API I need to read?

Concerning the settings of the listener, here it is:
However, in the Unity integration, I don’t know how it works. I guess it follows by default the camera, which should be the correct setting here.

Just ensure you’re sending the position of the objects on the (x,z) plan instead of (x,y).