Setting up triggers for specific words (sounds) in an audio file

Hi, everybody. I have a wav file with me. I want to display subtitles for this file. But the problem is I want to display each word one by one. Also, the tempo of this file (as well as pitch) can be dynamically changed by the user. So, in this situation, I want to apply (sort of) triggers at each sound(word) from this audio file in Fmod Studio which can somehow tell my code to display that particular word at perfect sync with the audio file.

Please help me with implementing these triggers in Fmod Studio and also how to use them in the code.
Thanx in advance

You should probably put markers in the logic track at places you want a word to appear, and retrieve those markers in the code with callbacks.

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But do they adjust automatically while changing the tempo and/or pitch ? And also which markers specifically? Like tempo marker ? Destination marker?

Destination markers. Yes, they will stay in sync with the playhead, so they will always match the same part of the audio, as long as you’re using sync instruments. How do you modify the tempo/pitch exactly? With the “pitch” event macro?

I would use “Channel::setPitch” and “Sound::setMusicSpeed” to change tempo and pitch. However, if I change the tempo I don’t want the pitch to be changed and vice versa so I may use these more than a single time on the same audio