Sooo.. How do you use the Fmod?

Apologies for the utmost basic question here. I’m using the App Game Kit for a small game project and I would like to employ the use of Reverb and delays for the levels. The engine provides basic tools for playback but if I want to implement any sort of environmental effects like reverb, I’d have to bake it into the audio file and that gets finicky.

App game kit (AGK) runs in C++ Visual Studio.
I’ve scoped out the home page for Fmod and all I see is the Fmod Studio which is apparently a DAW. Where’s the library you use with Visual Studio? And is there any documentation for it? (I assume there is, this tool’s been out for a while)

Also I posted this in FMOD Studio but I thinking this belongs in another category? As I’m not looking for the FMOD studio itself.

You can find the library’s in the FMOD Studio API downloads:

These downloads will also come with a number of example projects to help you in using FMOD in your own project.

It can be a little confusing as the tool and one of the API’s are both called FMOD Studio.
There are two API’s available, Studio and LowLevel, you can use the LowLevel without Studio but Studio is an extension on top of the LowLevel.

You can find more information here: